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Esther Trettin's Ritz Cracker Pie


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This recipe was a revelation. Has to be baked before it's believed! Fab texture, but needs the suggested cream / ice cream to eat really well.


From research, it's an old recipe originally made from saltine crackers, usually as a budget dessert when money was tight. Some sources suggest that this version was dreamed up by the Ritz test kitchen when the cracker became a brand leader in the '50s. Pecans seem to be the nut of choice, but used a mix of mostly hazlenuts and almonds above. Yum.

Another recipe from the Clermont Recipe Box bought at Pop Vintage.



Vintage Wedgewood whiteware plates and hand embroidered vintage cloth from a selection of tea-time ware available from The Old Home Store.


Clabber Girl Baking Powder is an excellent estblished American brand, still sold in fab retro packaging. Always bring home a few tins as gifts.

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