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Mrs Hoyer's Baked Beans

This recipe was also found in a recipe box purchased at Pop Vintage in Clermont FL. Makes an unusual alternative to Britain's favourite vegetable..tomato based beans.


The Old Home Store kitchen, used dried haricot beans in place of 'Northern Beans' - not widely available in the UK. From research, canellini beans can be used as a substitute, but are larger, and with a less delicate texture and flavour.

beans 3 beans 1 beans 4

Old Home Store test kitchen results...


the recipe uses 'Karo' - a brand name for a corn syrup.


Substitued this with

dark, organic maple syrup - but if you don't want the beans too sweet, then use 1/4 cup only.

TOHS hopes that Mrs Hoyer would approve of the British banger and mash 'sides' to the main event - her delicious beans.