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Nice in Norfolk!

By theoldhomestore, Apr 24 2015 06:20PM

TOHS has just has 3 days in Norfolk looking for possible places to relocate to - and to savour the surroundings in Sprintime. The hedgerows were overflowing with wild primroses, the coast was calm and the days were sunny and warm.

Vintage is trending in this part of the world. However, it would definitely be a better place with TOHS popping up. Managed to find a couple of bits to take to Ally Pally on the 3rd - but too busy to thoroughly scour my usual stomping grounds unfortunately.

However, stayed in the beautifully formed Norfolk Courtyard in a room called 'The Dairy.' Great location for reaching lots of antique & vintage spots - including their own Antique Barn.

Check it out on their website - especially the video.

Dined on Cromer crab and aspapragus - absolute bliss.

Norfolk Courtyard 2015.
Norfolk Courtyard 2015.
The Shepherd and Gamekeeper's huts at NC plus posing chooks.
The Shepherd and Gamekeeper's huts at NC plus posing chooks.
Some spears with my name on!
Some spears with my name on!
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