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Maytime in Hambleden - charming

By theoldhomestore, May 9 2015 08:35PM

The Old Home Store had a reduced vintage stall at Hambleden Covered Market today, due to the mass of heirloom plants to sell. There were 15 varieties of heirloom tomato on offer. New customers fell into both ends of the tomato growing spectrum - the 'have you got anything that is small and sweet' to 'cor, let's have a go at that massive orange one!' To compliment the tomatoes, unusual lettuce and Tuscan Cavalo Nero were on offer.

Popular vintage items were old knitting and craft books, tins, tablecloths and antique terracotta hand-thrown flowerpots.

Thank you to customers - regulars and new.

Lots of great heirloom plants coming along for next month.

The shape of things to come!
The shape of things to come!
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