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Heading Home.

By theoldhomestore, Oct 14 2015 03:43PM

Back to Blighty tomorrow with all my great American picks - both large and small.

Would love to hear from any of my new contacts - either on the Comments section at the bottom of each blog, or via The Old Home Store Facebook page. Links at the bottom of the home page etc.

You can email me anytime on

Please have a go!

Will probably be aback in the US again in January.

Don't forget that you can come and join me vintiquing as I have some nice guest suites in my lovely house. You can also take in all of the glitz of Disney and the rest of it - almost on the doorstep. Just email me to find out more and discuss. look at the pics from the 2014 trip - links from the Home Page.

Country Road - so not in the UK!
Country Road - so not in the UK!
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