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Food like Nonna used to make...

By theoldhomestore, Mar 21 2015 09:28PM

Invited by Paolo Arrigo to a wonderful cookery demo by Ursula Ferrigno at the Franchi Seeds warehouse in Harrow this morning.

I couldn't wait to get home to try out the skills which my nonna didn't teach me (not being Italian of course) - but Ursula did with great flair. Foccacia and pasta were conjured up before our very eyes. The pasta was turned into delectable, light, silky ravioli and tagliatelli, using morning fresh eggs from Paolo's hens. The Focaccia flavoured with rosemary struck from a cutting of Paolo's nonna's plant.

Came home laden with goodies from the warehouse - lots of seeds, the best olive oil and dried, deep blue cornflower petals, and pink mallow buds for culinary experimentation.

Franchi seeds are true vintage, heirlooms. The seeds are produced and packaged by the company in Italy. - one of the last companies on Earth to do so.

Plants will be appearing on my stall at Hambleden later this Spring!

Have already got some lettuce varieties, rosemary plants and strawberries on the go for next month.

Ursula fills her ravioli, assisted by Paolo.
Ursula fills her ravioli, assisted by Paolo.
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