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Buying already...

By theoldhomestore, Sep 25 2015 01:07AM

TOHS arrived refreshed from an excellent flight - thank you BA - and motored up to the vintiquing mothership from Miami.

Less than 24 hours since stepping out onto American soil, TOHS has been buying more vintage and antique stock as if it was going out and then back into fashion.

Bless This Mess and D & H Antiques welcomed TOHS once again, and showed a healthy interest in what's trending the other side of the pond.

Lots of great finds - kitchenalia, books, shiny things. Will post photos when sorted.

Herb (of D & H Antiques), staggered out of the back with a fabulous old trunk, purchased by a browsing customer on her third visit of the day. What a find! I watched Sarah Moore sanding down a similar example on her upcycling programme before I came out. Herb had 'let it go' for $45 - madness - it must have been worth 20 plus times that. No wonder she had been back three times.

Sad news of the demise of a local landmark - the strange and very pink 'Chalet Suzanne.' Now all auctioned off and in a sorry state. Lots of memorabilia floating about as a result, but probably only meaningful to those who have seen, eaten or stayed in it. In its glory days, Chalet Suzanne was host to the rich and famous. Its chefs dreamed up strange recipes with the citrus that surrounds it (Fried Chicken Livers on Broiled Grapefruit was a signature appetiser), and the dear old place put up Bless This Mess's owner on her wedding night.- a long, long time ago apparently. Planet CS was definitely in its own galaxy far, far away . Now in Vintage Heaven.

Herb's great shop - look at all the shiny things!
Herb's great shop - look at all the shiny things!
Chalet Suzanne in its prime
Chalet Suzanne in its prime
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