American Vintiquing 2014

A House Renovation

at Ridge Manor, Brooksville.


Check it out on Google maps 'streetview' & you will see exactly why it's so fascinating.

You need to enter: Cortez Blvd; Emerald Drive; Ridge Manor; Florida.

Or, try this link... and streetview the junction of the roads above. It's on the corner.

Brooksville House

This mysterious old house is often in my thoughts...

It flashes past you on the way for a spot of vintiquing in Brooksville along the 50 at Ridge Manor, heading out west towards the Nature Coast. I have a compulsion to look out for it every time I'm in the vicinity - a habit of 10 years now. The house is a modest version of Southern Plantation Colonial style, and if a genuine period piece, probably mid-1800s. When I first noticed it, the house appeared empty, in a state of advanced dilapidation, and was in some ways more fascinating. An unloved, faded old wreath hung from the door through several Holidays.

Someone took the property on a while ago, and a slow but sure renovation is unfolding. The vintage tractor has appeared recently. This is a morning light picture. The house looks more atmospheric in the evening - not so white, with the Evergreen Oaks  & Spanish Moss casting long shadows.

I would love to know more about it, and whether it is 'the manor' which gave the local district its name. If only I had the courage to knock on the door....