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American Vintiquing 2014

Estate Sale - Mount Dora

Estate sale Mount Dora closet Estate sale Mount Dora Estate sale Mount Dora kitchen

This house must have been THE BIZ when it was built, and sadly the fantastic lakefront plot it is on will probably warrant it to be totalled in favour of a re-build.


With sufficient funds, and someone liking the vintage vibe, it could be renovated to a quirky, retro 50's party house.


The very user-friendly kitchen layout and great built-in storage, could be renovated into a real cook's kitchen instead of the sadly trending granite-topped 'gourmet style' which is so handy for re-heating meals in the microwave.


Check-out the kitchen island, and the closet doors in the master bedroom above!!! I'm sure the owner was the envy of all her friends back in the day.